Taking Orders for June! 

We are taking open orders for dolls and parts in June! We are replenishing stocks, so please give us a few days after emailing to check and make sure we have what you want available. This month, we are pleased to announce that Fairy Skin Chibi dolls will be available again!

We also have Elder Sisters and Brothers, and Unoa 1.5 boys and girls as usual. Limited quantities of Fairy skin 1.5 boys and Elder Brothers are available, as well as Elder Brothers in Paradise skin. 

We accept a maximum of 10 dolls and 20 parts orders per month. You may only order one of each sculpt per order. See what we have available and place an order by emailing us at: unoalchemy@gmail.com.

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Official Distributor of Alchemic Labo B-Grade Unoa Quluts Kits

An example of the flaws in the dolls available in April