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Official Distributor of Alchemic Labo B-Grade Unoa Quluts Kits

UnoAlchemy FAQ

Q. What Are B-grade Unoas?

B-Grade unoas are dolls that have minor casting errors in them. Examples of B-grade flaws may include small pieces of dust in the resin, rough patches of texture, heavy seams, small nicks or bubbles, or light marbling of the resin. B-grade unoas are priced less than standard grade dolls to reflect these flaws. UnoAlchemy personally inspects and assembles B-Grade dolls to ensure that you're getting a doll that is structurally sound, with minimal flaws. 

Q: Are these dolls legit? 

Yes they are. UnoAlchemy works directly with Alchemic Labo, and dolls are shipped by Alchemic Labo. UnoAlchemy assists in taking orders and processing the dolls. Payments also go directly to Alchemic Labo's Paypal account.

Q: How does the order process work?

Order availability and dolls available change each month. Place an order during order periods by emailing us at:

What next?

  • We will respond to you in 1-5 days to confirm your order.
  • Once the order is confirmed, we will send an invoice. If you get Paypal's confirmation, you're all set! We will begin to process your order.
  • Orders ship in 6-8 weeks. We will e-mail you tracking numbers.  

Q: Can you mark down the price for shipping?
Unfortunately, no. We understand that customs costs can be high and disappointing, but Japanese rules are very strict, and marking packages down can result in a fine of $4500. In order to protect Alchemic Labo and to provide insurance coverage, all orders must be declared at full value.

Q: What does the doll cost in my currency?
Please use Google for this, as currency rates change every day and Paypal has their own rates. 

Q: Do you offer Layaways?

Not currently. We recommend Paypal's payment plan  or a credit card if you need flexible options. 

Q. How many dolls can I order at a time?

You may order one doll of each sculpt per order. So for example, you can order one Chibi Lilin and one Chibi Roron, but not two Lilins. 

Q: Why don't you offer Unoss, Unoa Zero, Unoa 2.0, or Unoa Lites?

These dolls are not produced by Alchemic Labo. We can only offer items made by Alchemic Labo. Unoss and the Unoa lites (resin versions) are no longer produced. The ABS Lites are made by Sekiguchi (Momoko). The Unoa Zero was produced by Hobby Japan. 

Q: Can I put my name on a wait list if the doll I want isn't available yet?

At this time it would be best to keep an eye out for what's available, since we don't know Alchemic Labo's production schedule ahead of time. 

Q. May I contact you about problems with my Unoa?

Unoas purchased from Unoalchemy are B-Grade dolls. Please understand that they are sold as-is, and we cannot offer refunds or exchanges for problems related to casting flaws. We make every effort to ensure that flaws are minor ones. Dolls with major flaws or damage are not considered B-grade and are not sold. If there is a serious problem with your doll or your order, please feel free to contact us. We want to make sure you are happy with your purchase.  If you did not purchase your doll through UnoAlchemy, you can always speak to the community on the Unoa Freaks Facebook group. They may be able to help - or at least offer a sympathetic ear. We can also assist in getting replacements for broken or lost parts. 

Q. Why are tan dolls more expensive when they have so many flaws?

The process for casting high-grade tan resin is notoriously difficult. Most pieces will have small discolorations, and many have major discolorations and must be destroyed. Because of the ratio of usable parts vs. unusable parts that come from each order, the overall cost to produce such dolls is much higher. 

Q. What flaws should I expect in tan dolls?
Tan dolls are known for marbling, color inconsistencies, and 'snowflake' patterns. These are not avoidable, but we do our best to choose the best parts possible and limit sale dolls to only those that are relatively free of major errors. However, if you are uncomfortable with color patterns like those shown below, we recommend that you do not purchase tan unoas at this time.