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Official Distributor of Alchemic Labo B-Grade Unoa Quluts Kits

About Us

UnoAlchemy was started with the cooperation of Unoa fans in the United States and Japan and Alchemic Labo. We work with Alchemic Labo directly to make it possible to order B-Grade Unoa kits internationally. It's our goal to share our love of these dolls, and help make Unoas available and affordable all over the world. Unoas are very special to us, and we want to help get them into the hands of other Unoa lovers. 

About B-Grade Unoas

Alchemic Labo strives to create perfect dolls for everyone to enjoy. However, sometimes there are small problems in the casting process, such as small pieces of dust, bubbles in the resin, or inconsistent color variations. These imperfections may prevent them from being used in a standard-grade doll, but they are small enough that many owners of B-grade dolls may not notice or mind them. 

Because B-grade dolls have small flaws, they are offered at a reduced price. Alchemic Labo has partnered with UnoAlchemy to offer these dolls to an international market. B-grade dolls are also sold in Japan. 

B-grade dolls are NOT recasts. They are legitimate dolls produced by Alchemic Labo that are priced below retail due to small imperfections in each doll. 

How To Order

To order dolls or parts from UnoAlchemy, please check the B-grade dolls available for the month. If the doll you want is available, you can contact us to get on the purchase list. Once we have confirmed that we can fill your order, we will send you a Paypal Invoice. Your items will be officially reserved for you when the invoice is paid.

We send the orders to Alchemic Labo for processing as soon as they are received, and Alchemic Labo processes the dolls for group shipment about once per month. Depending on when you order during the order period, it may take 4-6 weeks to receive your order. All dolls are shipped EMS.

*Shipping costs are included in the final price to offer an easy flat rate for purchases. 

When ordering, be sure to include the following information:
Dolls and optional parts you want from the list of dolls available.