Back from BJDC!

UnoAlchemy had a fantastic time representing Alchemic Labo at BJDC! We are back, and preparing dolls for September releases.

Changes to Invoices

Due to the tumultuous currency market, we will be pricing and invoicing our dolls in Japanese Yen. We appreciate your patience. This should not be a problem when using Paypal, however your conversion rates may change, depending on your currency. 

Email Us

We accept a maximum of 10 dolls and 20 parts orders per month. You may only order one of each sculpt per order. See what we have available and place an order by emailing us at:

How to Order

Order Period Starts Sept. 1st!


Official Distributor of Alchemic Labo B-Grade Unoa Quluts Kits

Last Chance Fairy Roron!

We have only one of the special fairy skin Roron sets. Please contact us if you wish to purchase her.