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Official Distributor of Alchemic Labo B-Grade Unoa Quluts Kits

Fury Belia Elder Sister 

¥50,000 - Includes new hands and Fury Belia faceplate.

Fury Belia Face and Hand Set

¥9,500 - Includes Fury Belia faceplate, and heat-moldable hands. (13 Sets Available) 

Vampire/Ghost Fairy Elder Brothers

¥54,000 - Fairy Skin Zest or Xyle. Zest comes with a special set of vampire teeth! Mr. Araki has made them especially for this event.

Halloween Specials and September Orders

For this year’s Halloween event we are proud to announce a brand new face and hands created for the Elder Sisters, and a special Halloween edition of the Elder Brothers, which include a set of Vampire fangs for Zest! 

During this ordering period we will open up a lottery for Fury Belia and new hands, Fairy Skin Elder Brothers.  We will also offer orders on all standard dolls in fresh skin. 

Halloween Lottery Information

The Halloween Lottery will run from September 1st to September 15th to allow for October shipping. We have 13 sets of the new Fury Belia faceplate and hands, and only 10 Halloween Edition Elder Brothers. Fury Belia can be ordered as a whole doll, or as just a set of faceplate and hands. Please indicate which you prefer when emailing us for the lottery. 

We accept a maximum of 10 dolls and 20 parts orders per month. You may only order one of each sculpt per order. See what we have available and place an order by emailing us at:

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September Orders