Tan Girls and Open Orders for May

​This May we will be offering open orders for all in-stock dolls and parts. This will be our only open order for a while, so be sure to get what you need now! We have most dolls in most colors available at this time, including Paradise skin for 1.5 girls, Elder Sisters, Elder Brothers, and Chibis! We also have a few limited combinations of Halloween Chibis. 

We are still unsure on quantities and the casting quality of the tan 1.5 and Elder Sisters. We will update this site later with more information on availability and casting quality. If quantities are very limited, we may sell them on a lottery basis. If you wish to purchase a Paradise Skin 1.5 girl or an elder sister, please let us know. We will get you in the list and either enter you if it's a lottery, or invoice you as soon as we can confirm the inventory and quality. 

Order availability and dolls available change each month. Place an order during order periods by emailing us at: unoalchemy@gmail.com.

What next?

We will respond to you in 1-5 days to confirm your order.

Once the order is confirmed, we will send an invoice. If you get Paypal's confirmation, you're all set! We will begin to process your order.

Orders ship in 6-8 weeks. We will e-mail you tracking numbers. 

Please see our FAQ for further questions. 

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