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Official Distributor of Alchemic Labo B-Grade Unoa Quluts Kits

Paradise Skin 1.5 Boys and Girls!

Thank you all for your patience with UnoAlchemy for our hiatus! We’re back this time with a brand new release of Paradise skin 1.5 boys L-bi and B-el. This is first time they have been cast in Paradise skin, and we’re so excited about them. Since people like to mix and match the boy and girl faces, we want to offer you the option to choose a boy or girl body, and one boy or girl face with your doll! Want a Sist boy? No problem! Want an L-bi girl? Go for it!

As always, the tan dolls do have flaws. Some are minor, and some are very visible. If you’re sensitive to flaws in the resin color, we ask that you avoid purchasing Paradise skin from us at this time. However, we’re offering a discount on these dolls because we know they’re not perfect. There is no A grade for tan dolls. Due to the inherent flaws in casting we prefer not to grade them. Every single doll has very comparable flaws in the tan resin.

All kits are unpainted, but will arrive assembled. You'll receive random eyes and a random fur wig. 

Your options:

1.5 Boy 40000 JPY: One boy body with one face (L-bi, B-el, Lusis, Sist). If you wish to add a decadent or additional face, the cost will be an additional 4500 JPY each. You can buy fist hands for 3000 JPY. *Important note – many of the L-bi  and B-el faces have marbling on the tip of the nose. It can be easily hidden with a faceup, but we want you to be aware. The boy bodies also have a streak of marbling on the shins and lower torso, and fog-like marbling in other places.

1.5 Girl 35000 JPY: One girl body with either a large or small chest, and one face (L-bi, B-el, Lusis, Sist). If you wish to add an additional decadent face, the cost will be an additional 4500 JPY each (we will need to do an inventory check). You can buy clasped girl hands for 3000 JPY. *please note that the girl bodies all have a heavy marbled streak on the belly, plus marbling in the shins and thighs. Every decadent Sist plate has some marbling flaws on the face. Be sure to check out our social media (Instagram or Facebook) for examples of these flaws.

As always, to order please send an email to UnoAlchemy@gmail.com. Let us know what you want. We will send you an invoice as soon as we confirm inventory for you. If we run out of available dolls, we’ll let you know ASAP.